Treehouse Politics

by Slow Talk

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    Included in the limited edition release 'Treehouse Politics' is an immediate download of a digital 4-track EP from newcomer Slow Talk in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

    Two tracks from the digital EP are available to download separately but the 3rd & 4th tracks 'Gun Fun' and 'I Am No American' are only available with purchases of the screen print.

    Each purchase of the limited edition 'Treehouse Politics' screen print also includes an exclusive digital mixtape lovingly cherry-picked by Slow Talk. What's more, buyers also get an insight into Slow Talk's cavernous cranium with downloadable liner notes to boot.

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After two years in the making, Oxford Mississippi’s Steven Ross finally steps wide-eyed from his dorm room into the daylight clutching four songs that lay bare a soul in search of life's bigger questions. Jaded and full of sardonic wit, Ross makes bold and uncensored music that confides what most of us would keep strictly under lock and key.

Staccato guitar and playful sounds cushion tales flooded with bitter acrimony. Schizophrenically changing pace from Pixie-esque sonic freakout to frenetic 'on the brink of a nervous breakdown' Bright Eyes. Ross spits out numbers as upbeat and singalong as their tone is black. His conversational vocals come from chords seemingly crosswired from the caverns of a darkened mind and the pulses of a misfiring aorta.

Always with a strong sense of narrative Ross exorcises his fear of growing up and older, waging a civil war against his own destiny with all the world-weary 'make mine a double' attitude a professional barfly would spend a lifetime perfecting. That he never loses the ability to keep his tongue firmly in his cheek arms the songs on Treehouse Politics with dozens of addictively sing-along lines.

Is it right to chase love? To grow a beard? Get high? How’s about wishing your friends dead whilst talking to God? All in the same night?! For the bittersweet sounding answers to these slice-of-life questions, Warmest Chord proudly presents 'Treehouse Politics’, a deceptively upbeat collection of songs that capture the thrill of life’s chase, and the joy of being utterly and deeply lost.


released October 4, 2010



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