by Wild Nothing

  • Screenprint

    Designed by the formidable Franz Vesolt, this limited edition package includes a stunning dual-image phosphorescent A3 screenprint (on matte blue paper with metallic silver ink and glow in the dark green paint) and an immediate download of the never-before-released 0 EP in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire.

    Take Me In, the third track from Evertide is only available with the purchase of the screenprint.

    Each purchase of Evertide also includes an exclusive mixtape from Wild Nothing.

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Wild Nothing is a one-man maestro by the name of Jack Tatum. A lo-fi deity in the making with his pensive 80s flavoured shoegaze. C86, shoegaze and 1980s British pop are obvious influences but he offers far more than mere imitation and worship. He is an architect to the songs and a sculptor to their sound, engineering beautiful layered songs with interweaving melodies just urging you to hum along.

It comes as no surprise that Wild Nothing was responsible for making the online music community hot around the collars with his emotive cover of Kate Bush’s Cloudbusting.

The three tracks on Evertide grab you by the hand as they meander, dance and tease a sweet melody from the skyline of hazy guitars. Playful, swelling and layered songs that crescendo along with his searching voice that soars from inner thought to confessional plea. Melancholic musings are set against lyrical guitar lines and melodic basslines that wouldn’t sound out of place if New Order had ever mated with Ride and then gone on to secretly date The Cure.

Wild Nothing knows a little about the physics of love. He sings from a place of both innocence and despair where hearts soar at the heady throes of first romance, to the heartache of lost love. He sings with a heart-stopping voice that is sweet and desperate in equal measures. Desires, hopes and fears laid bare. Expressing things you’ve wanted to say but couldn’t find the words to. Heroic love songs that you wish had been written for you. That these songs come from just one person only confirms the personal nature. He owns these songs entirely.


released June 27, 2010

Jack Tatum (Wild Nothing)



all rights reserved


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